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Philips LFH-9750 Digital Desktop Transcriber

Philips LFH-9750 Digital Desktop Transcriber

$ 499.99


The Digital Desktop 9750 allows you to work in the same way as you would with traditional tape-based transcription. You just insert the Multimedia/SD Card from the Digital Pocket Memos instead of tapes. This is a business tool that brings real added value. The 9750 features hands-free listening to dictation, Workflow Management and the ability to store a substantial amount of workflow information. 

The Digital Desktop 9750 gives you digital sound clarity and is simple to use. In addition, data can be easily transferred to your PC. By adding a microphone, you can turn the 9750 into a foot-controlled dictation unit.

Key benefits of the Digital Desktop 9750

    • Digital transcription is as easy as cassette-based transcription
    • Works with exchangeable Multimedia/SD Card, the industry-standard storage media for input from mobile dictation devices
    • DSS file format, the industry-standard file format for digital recording devices, offers minimum file sizes while maintaining crystal clear sound quality
    • Visual workflow display shows number of files and indices
    • Fast access with skip functions
    • Graphical, backlit LC display and real-time counter allow the transcriptionist to be in control of the workload
    • Tone, speed and volume controls ensure crystal clear playback at all times
  • Auto backspace pauses transcription without missing a word
  • Erase single/all files gives control over dictations when transcription is complete
  • Add dictation functionality by attaching microphone 276/10, 278/10 ( optional)
  • Hands-free recording with Foot Control
  • Package contents

    • Digital Desktop 9750
    • Foot Control 2210
    • Earphones 234
    • Power Supply 155
    • SpeechExec Dictate software
    • USB Download Cable

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